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New stunning Loudspeakers and Electronics vibration dampening system!

VIBrON - Vibration Isolation

Vibration isolation in audio is critical.

There are two approaches to do this correctly. Either you can dissipate the energy with soft, well-damping materials or use minimal contact surfaces in rigid objects to limit energy transfer and vibrations.

I wanted to combine soft and rigid approaches in one perfect solution.

Soft dampening material is an Elastomer - a great material that transfers vibrations into heat and hence has an excellent performance in stopping the propagation of vibrations.

For the hard part of the structure, I chose Carbon Fiber. Once in a resin composite form, it has extreme strength and stiffness. It reduces vibrations in the same way as elastomers do. They are transferred into heat.

The spike rests on a tiny contact surface with a very rigid carbon fiber disc placed on top of a specially designed elastomer, put on another 5mm thick carbon fiber disc. It is a perfect audiophile sandwich. It is efficient yet simple and elegant.

Also, I added small silicone bumps so that it does not slide on the floor or shelves. Thanks to that, you can use the pots as vibration absorbers for your amplifiers, CD players, turntables, and DACs. So how do they sound, you ask? They add tremendous depth and richness to the midrange with more intensive and better-controlled bass.

The sound gets more relaxed and refined, with vocals popping more in front. And the bass is getting significantly more extensive and better controlled.


Each Vibron is suitable for loads up to 30 Kg. On 4 Vibrons, the maximum unit weight is 120 Kg.

Price for eight pieces of VIBrON. It will work with one pair of your speakers or two devices like Amplifiers, DACs, Turntables, etc. 




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